Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Crackers Quilt

 I finally got around to quilting one of the donated tops from the pile of charity quilts. This one is a crackers quilt that looks like an assortment of true vintage fabric, reproductions and not-as-old calicoes.

This one was a challenge to quilt. It was not flat, square or straight. It's puffy and wavy, but there are no puckers. It is what it is.

I wanted to document some of my favorite prints. 
As awesome as the aqua apples are, I love the shade and texture of the blue solid.

This pink one looks vintage to me. It was rather thin.

A fun baby print.

This blue floral looks like a reproduction I had once, but the red looks and feels vintage.

It was fun to hand stitch the binding while watching the Olympics.  If you like the pattern, Moda Bake Shop has a modern version using a charm pack.


margaret said...

very nice and good to see close ups of some of the fabrics

Gina said...

i love this sweet little quilt and think your quilting compliments it perfectly!!!

Susan at TheBoredZombie.com said...

I think it looks great! Is it weird that I kind of enjoy the challenge of working with someone else's quilt? Even when it is wonky. Maybe more so when it is wonky. :)