Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Quilted WIP

I picked up this quilt from Pat on Friday and I love it again! When I brought it to her there was not much enthusiasm on my part. Which quilting design did I want? Which thread? At the time I really didn't care much. But now I'm really happy with our choices!

The quilting design is called Ink Blot, and Pat had it stored in the juvenile file. I'm not sure what that says for my taste, but I really like it on this quilt. The thread is a rainbow variegation from Superior. Variegated thread has become a theme for me in the past week!

My new mattress is ridiculously high, so this quilt does not begin to drape far enough on the sides. Bummer. It will need to live at the foot of the bed.

But it still needs to be bound, probably in green (another recent theme). Hand stitching the binding to the back will be the perfect job for long nights watching the Olympics on TV.


mb-RI said...

Tina - just beautiful and I love Pat's Ink Blot! Great job!

Rike B. said...

A really wonderful quilt with wonderful colors! And a great choice of the thread and the quilting design.
Greetings, Rike

Ali Honey said...

I love the colour placement in your quilt. I think the quilting suits it very well.
I too recently got a new bed with a mattress that is so high I have the same problem, but also find the bed very hard to make now it is so heavy to move.( not sure why we didn't see how high it was in the showroom ) I am used to it now but found getting out ( or off ) of it a surprise for the first few weeks.

Terri said...

Your quilt is lovely, and the quilting suits it. Almost a finish!

Susan at said...

Its funny how things go from meh to wow! with a little quilting isn't it? Sometimes I just have to walk away for a few days to fall in love again. :)

Beautiful quilt!

Cathy said...

I think ink blot adds just the right whimsy and curves to all the squares. And the sweep of the colors (I see a box of Crayola 128) is just beautiful!

margaret said...

beautifully done and great colours, green binding will work well, anything green is spot on with me

Gina said...

You are rolling out the finishes this week! I see a lot of pretty fabrics in there! It is really amazing what the quilting adds to a quilt and brings it to life.

Janet Ann said...

Love this quilt!