Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Scattered Tuesday

This is what my kid did at work today! OOHRAH!
(He's not in the picture. I'll probably never get a picture of him doing anything this cool.)


I couldn't focus on any one project today, so I worked on four! I made this cute drool bib/bandana for Mollie. It was a request from her mom, and I'll make more if this one works for them. I used the dimensions in this post from Begin with B.

I quilted a few rows on this donation quilt so I could remove most of the pins. I'll need them for my father-in-law's quilt.

Speaking of my FIL, I pieced the backing for Garnet and Gray, but no picture. 

I picked up this quilt from a customer who wants me to replace the worn out binding. This is one well-loved quilt! Judging from the calicoes that I recognize from my own wedding quilt, this log cabin was pieced in the late 80's. Other than the binding, it's in fairly good shape besides being very faded. It's super soft and cozy, so I can see why she wants it repaired.

I'll let you know when Pete starts jumping out of helicopters, instead of just dangling from them!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Garnet and Gray, Day 3

It's fun to track the progress of a quilt this way. I don't work on one project from start to finish very often. I'm too easily distracted by pretty new fabric and projects!

 On day 3, the top was assembled and the binding prepared. I might have time later to piece the backing, but I need to take a break.

Hope you're enjoying some sunshine today!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Garnet and Gray, Day 2

 Wow, I love this pattern! Just two days of cutting and piecing and I have enough blocks for a lap quilt. I am loving the assortment of reds and grays.

I went to my stash for one more gray and dug deep for the marbled print. It is at least 20 years old! You might be able to pick it out. It is the only one with a yellowish cast. The newer grays are bluer.

I pre-washed all the reds and grays together and this is the only piece that picked up any red dye. One color catcher did a great job, but the second one got trapped in the bottom of the machine. After a few minutes in the sink with some detergent and the second color catcher, the gray print came out clean.

I should be able to sew together the top tomorrow. I'll just need to buy something for the backing. At some point, I should probably decide on an Easter menu and go grocery shopping!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Garnet and Gray

I'm ready to start working on a lap quilt for my father-in-law. I picked up a few more "garnets" yesterday at Knit One Quilt Too and Just Quilts. I'm hoping I have enough fabric to make a 60 x 75" Bento Box quilt.

I've gotten out of the habit of pre-washing fabric, but I think it is necessary in this case. This quilt will be washed a lot, so I want to make sure the reds don't run. This fabric is in the washer with the 9-Patch Swing quilt and two color catchers. I'll be cutting up a storm this afternoon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday

 I hope this Wednesday finds you all well. There's not much white stuff on the ground this morning, but the sleet and freezing rain woke us up several times during the night.

Finished this week:
A tote for Mom's prayer books with a zippered pocket for rosary beads will be gifted for Easter.

A label was finally added to 9-Patch Swing, so the quilt is now ready to be donated to the Music Boosters' raffle.

New Projects:
My father-in-law has been moved into an assisted living facility and he needs a lap quilt. While we were at MQX, Bill and I went on the hunt for garnet and gray fabrics, Union College colors. This gray pack from Sew Fresh Fabrics is perfect, but he was being rather picky about the garnet (maroon/burgundy).

A squishy package arrived in the mail with my Modern Quilt Guild challenge fabrics. I haven't even thought about what to make with these. For now, I'm just happy to admire these fun and colorful prints.

I'd like to get back to the Farmer's Engineer's Wife blocks soon.

On hold:
My WIP pile doesn't ever seem to get smaller! You can see the entire list here.

Enjoy visiting WIPs around the world!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tote for Mom

I was itching to sew something yesterday, so I made a little tote bag for my mother. We have a standing date on Monday mornings to attend Eucharistic Adoration. Every week when I pick her up, she is juggling several small prayer books, and I wish she had a tote bag for them. Now she does!

I included a zipper pocket in the lining for her rosary beads. Thank you, Kindred Quilters, for teaching me this infinitely useful technique!

Blue is her favorite color, so I think she will like it. I'll include a chocolate bunny and give it to her for Easter.

Even the simplest projects leave behind big messes!

Cut fabric rectangles 12" x 24" for outer and lining
15" long straps (cut 3" wide)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Military Update

 My beautiful daughter was whisked off to the ROTC ball by her handsome soldier. Her best friend has become her stylist and always does a wonderful job! Genevieve chose the dress, and did Julia's hair, makeup and nails. All I had to do was hem the gown.

 Who needs a horse-drawn carriage when you have a truck?!

The roses from Fred look lovely on my EPP table topper.

Pete is doing great in Recon training. To give you an idea of how intense this training is, the class has gone from 84 students to about 30 in just the first two weeks. Some drop on request when they realize the job is not for them, but many are unable to pass the qualifying tests along the way. He's eating 4,000 calories a day and losing weight. The best news is that he will have Friday off (Good Friday) and my husband will be in San Diego on business this week. They will get to spend the whole day together! I can't tell you how happy that makes me.