Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Selvedging Along

I will be playing with selvedges along with Quilty Habit and Quilts of a Feather. To start, they've asked us to show how we store our selvedges. Mine are all in this big lined basket in a jumbled mess. I'm in awe of the quilters who have their selvedges stored by color, folded neatly in ziplock baggies.

Earlier this year, I made this selvedge log cabin wall hanging in response to the RIMQG log cabin challenge.

I had a few extra blocks which became a giant pillow.

My first selvedge project was this spiderweb wall hanging made in 2013.

 I had so much fun quilting this one!

 I will be teaching a class called "Salvaging your Selvedges" in September. This table runner is my class sample of a sampler table runner.

I'm ready to play! Maybe I'll start by sorting my selvedges by color like the cool kids.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday

 How has it been three weeks since the my last post? Summer fun has kept me away from the blog, but not my sewing machine. I was able to complete two quilt tops recently.

My Farmer's Engineer's Wife top is done! It's great to have friends working on the same pattern to push me along. (Hi, Sharon & Donna!) Sharon started quilting this week, so the pressure is on!

The spools top is done, too. I might quilt this one first since it's a lot smaller and I can just have fun with it.

I'm finishing up another Quilt of Valor this week. Tonight, I'm burying threads while I watch TV.  More quilting and binding tomorrow or Friday.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday

 It's been a very quilty couple of weeks. I've been obsessively stitching every chance I get. Quilting mojo has been high! I wish I knew why or how to keep up the momentum. I'm taking a necessary break, but I hope I can get back to that high level soon.

Last Wednesday I finished a Quilt of Valor that has been waiting for years to be finished. It will be gifted soon to a very deserving WWII veteran.

The next finish was my One Block Wonder, AKA the geranium Jekyll and Hyde quilt. Read more about it here, including its two sided binding.

I had collected our guild's donated blocks for Diana's Golden Needle. When I saw that we were just a few short of having enough for a full top, I stitched up enough blocks from donated strips. Not being able to stop there, I stitched them up into a top. I'll mail it off to her after I show it to the guild next week.

I got a call that I didn't have to go in to work on Monday. I should have used that bonus time to clean the house. Instead, I took out these spool blocks and finished the top. I took a class a few months ago and picked up some tips for easily piecing Y-seams. The pattern is similar to Debbie Mumm's spools at this link. Our blocks are slightly smaller and pieced with Y-seams. I can't wait to start quilting this one with a rainbow spectrum of thread colors.

My poor machines were probably ready for a break! Lately I've been doing all my piecing on the Featherweight and all the quilting on the Bernina. It's a nice division of labor.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Jekyll and Hyde

This is my take on a One Block Wonder. I know I own the book by Maxine Rosenthal, but when it came time to cut my fabric, I couldn't find the book. I had to wing it, and I think my hexagons are a little bigger than others I've seen. The geranium print is so obnoxious, and I love it!

The backing is a sweet, soft print by Kate Spain. I was so enthralled by the texture created by the quilting that I was laying on the floor petting it!

The geranium print is by Phillip Jacobs. I bought it on clearance with this quilt in mind. Here it is before cutting.

I used a chrysanthemum quilting design, starting at the center of each hexagon, working my way out. I didn't want to travel to the center of the next hexagon, so I started and stopped stitching with each one. It was a lot of threads to bury, but that's the price you pay when the design in your head has to come out!

I tried and tried to find a fabric that would work as a binding on the front and the back, but nothing in my stash worked. It was time to break out the two-sided binding again. I used it on my selvage spiderweb 2 years ago. It looks tricky, but the tutorial on The Pattern Basket website makes it quite easy. The two color binding amplifies the hot/cold nature of the quilt.

This is one of those patterns that you could move blocks around forever and never feel like you've got it quite right.  It's done now, so no more rearranging!

Jekyll and Hyde One Block Wonder
56" X 62"
Cut & Pieced: January 2015
Completed: 6/26/15

Sunday, June 28, 2015

QOV for Leo

How long does it take to make a quilt you aren't working on? Oh, about 7 years! 
This quilt had to ripen for a long time. I guess it was waiting for the right recipient. I started it as a class sample in 2008. The lattice pattern is from a book by Nancy Brennan Daniel called "Slice 'Em and Dice 'Em." It is a variation of a disappearing 9-patch.

A few weeks ago, a friend was cleaning out her sewing room and found her unfinished Quilts of Valor. I suggested that we both try to finish one by July 4th. She finished quilting hers on Friday night and was on the hunt for some binding.

I really enjoyed quilting this one. I wanted stars in the blue squares, and meandered around from one to the next. The inner blue border is quilted with "USA" over and over. 

The backing is a great flag print that I bought on sale at least a year ago.

This QOV will be presented to Leo, a WWII veteran and my coworker's dad. I hope it will bring him some comfort following a recent stroke.

Lattice Quilt of Valor
52" X 68"
Started 2008
Completed 6/24/15

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gifts for Priests

 I promised you more pictures of the liturgical stole I made a few weeks ago. Our assistant pastor had seen some quilted stoles and asked if I could make one for him. He was celebrating his 5th anniversary and moving to a new assignment, so I was happy to oblige.

He wanted a blue stole to wear for baptisms. I've been excited about gradations of color lately, so I tried it here. This pattern was actually plan B. My first design was too fussy and the colors weren't working. This simple design with 1.5 X 5" cut rectangles came together quickly and I like the effect.

I quilted it with a light cotton batting and variegated thread, but I probably should have used an interfacing instead to keep it lighter. Father Joe gave me one of his stoles to use as a pattern. He likes the way this shape sits on his shoulders.

Yeah, I sewed the label on upside-down. Oops! I fixed it before I wrapped it.

The next event at our church was a 50th anniversary celebration for our pastor emeritus. I had been thinking about embroidering monograms on handkerchiefs for years. I knew I wanted to make something for Father Nick that he could use, and this seemed like the perfect gift. I know he always has a hanky in his pocket. (Yes, Fr. Joe, you need some, too. Christmas is coming!)

I have plans to make a couple more stoles. My cousin is a priest and will celebrate his 25th anniversary next year. And now I have a list of men to embroider handkerchiefs for.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mrs. Chapman's UFO's

 About a month ago, Julia and I picked up a large donation of fabric from Mrs. Chapman. She heard that our guild makes quilts for Habitat for Humanity and she wanted her unused stash to be used for a good cause. Fast forward to last week when some guild friends came over to help me sort through our recent donations and to reassess our previous stash. 

In the middle of all the fabric, we found quite a few (more than a dozen?) unfinished projects. We each took a few that we thought we could finish. The rest will be offered to other guild members at the next meeting. Here are the projects I've been playing with...

There was a small pile of half-hexies that were pieced from a wide striped fabric. Rather than sewing them together into full hexagons, I had fun rearranging and combining them with solids from the stash. It was a good exercise in color and design. I found the perfect narrow stripe for the border in my own stash. This will be a sweet baby quilt someday.

There were just 10 half square triangles made from the same wide stripe. Now there is another placemat in the donation pile for Meals on Wheels.

This animal print top was almost complete. I pieced together the outer border from leftover fabric that looked like swiss cheese! It looked like she had done some fussy cutting for another project. Backing and binding fabric also came out of her stash, so this is waiting to be quilted, too.

My favorite UFO was a small pile of pieced butterflies. There were some spare parts and additional sandy fabric for the background, so it took no time at all to assemble the top. The fern border print came out of my deep stash.

The butterfly wings were cut from mirror images of the print. Isn't that nifty? If anyone knows the source of the pattern, please let me know. I didn't find it with a quick google image search.

I accidentally pieced in one of the butterflies upside down. Oops! 

I had so much fun quilting this little quilt. It took me a while to find a binding. This one is just OK. The backing was also deep stash. 

This one will go to the Adirondacks with us when we visit Julia at the Wild Center. They can hang it in their offices or sell it to raise funds.

Butterfly Wall Hanging
27" X 37"
Started by Mrs. Chapman at least 15 years ago
Completed by me 6/22/15