Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getaway Spiderwebs

Our Saturday workshop at the retreat last weekend was a spiderweb quilt. Christine Bagley taught the workshop and provided inspiration in three beautiful samples. She gave design credit to Beverly Dunivent from a Quilters Newsletter Magazine article in the December 1996/No. 288 issue. You can also use Bonnie Hunter's pattern here. Chris calls her quilts Web Sights.

Although there were 57 ladies in attendance, not everyone participates in the workshop. We had a high percentage of participation this year, though. Take a look at the variety of fabric choices!
Rose & Sally

Norrene, Sue and Fran

Diane & Jessie

Nancy & Carol

Me & Suzy

Pat & Judy

Serafina & Pat

Marilyn, Pat & Amanda

Barbara & Rosalie

Elvia & Lynn

I ended with Carole Kenny because I love her fussy cut centers and she will be our instructor for next year's workshop.

Stay tuned for Saturday night Show & Tell!


Debbie said...

Very cool! What an assortment! Carole's fussy cut is really fun. Looks like an awesome event!

Monica at Buttoncounter said...

omgoodness! I would have loved to be at that class, if only for the amount of gals that were there. Is yours using selvages? I love it! This block is fun, in that you cannot make an ugly quilt with it. They all turned out beautiful.

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love how different they all look and Carole's fussy cut centres are wonderful!
P.S. At first glance I thought Norrene was wearing a Spider's Web jumper!

Colleen said...

Looks like fun. What a variety of different colors from the same design. Thanks for sharing with us. :)