Thursday, October 2, 2014

More Random Stitching

 Does this happen to you when you clean your sewing room? I found a bunch of small projects that required some quick stitching and now they are done! Why do they sit in piles for so long?

The lovely folks at American Made Brand sent out tote bags after the 50 state blog tour. I saw that another participant had used her scraps to trim the top of the bag. When I found my tote and pile of scraps last night, I knew just what to do.

 I used the bits and pieces leftover from my license plate block to piece a strip. Again, I feel like I have more scraps now than before! How do scraps multiply?

Then I found some coaster kits leftover from a beginner quilting class last Spring. We used them to help teach 1/4" seam accuracy.

 Not long ago, I bought some bandanas from The EGA Shop. This morning before breakfast, I stitched two together into a throw pillow for Pete's bed.

I love this room! As I was editing this pic, I noticed that I put up the flag backwards. Oops.

Not bad for a few hours of random stitching!

Edited: I never posted a pic of Debbie's completed placemats. I just wanted a record of them here. My niece is renting an apartment with a lavender dining room. When she came to visit in August, she picked out some fabric from my stash. This was a two day project only because I had to run out and buy fabric for the binding. Why did it sit for over a month?


WoolenSails said...

I have too many projects that are almost done;)
Great ideas for using up scraps and I love the panel quilt, that is so cute.


Susan at said...

I wouldn't dare pile up my unfinished projects and experiments. I usually go through every few years and donate things to our local crafty reuse center. As a general rule - if I havent touched it in two years, I'm not going to! :)

I totally dig your scrap use. Simple is sometimes so brilliant!

margaret said...

I think we all seem to have nearly finished pieces, when I did embroidery that did not happen but since I discovered quilting I am as guilt as everyone.

Jodi said...

Wow, Tina, you are one busy woman! I had to go back and check out your RI license plate - very nice! Great pillow, and I LOVE the quilt/shams (i think they're shams, anyway) on the bed! Did you do that quilting? Again, wow!