Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two from Julia

Last Tuesday, I decided I would show you two quilts every Tuesday. Unfortunately, our computer has not been upgraded yet, so they will have to be older photos. So here are two quilts plus a bag made by Julia.
"Snowmen in Love" was made in 2005 from a Quiltmaker pattern. I do a lot of paper piecing, so this was Julia's learning piece. Here it is hanging in our guild show in 2005.
"The Brightest Quilt Ever" was her first bed size quilt. It was shown in the children's category at the Lowell Quilt Festival last summer. She was disappointed to not win a ribbon. It looks great on her bed with lime green sheets in her purple room.

And the bonus tote bag. We met Karen Stone at a guild meeting several years ago. As I was buying a book, Julia was chatting with Karen and Karen generously gave her the Hibiscus pattern. She used two blocks with couched fibers to make a tote bag for 6th grade. Someday, we'll make a New York Beauty together. We really have fun sewing together, but it's getting harder to find time in Julia's busy schedule.

It's snowing again! Argh! We're supposed to travel an hour across the state for a swim meet tonight. Yes- we can cross the whole state in an hour. I grew up in upstate NY, so I don't mind driving in the snow (I took my driving test in the snow). It's the other people on the road that I worry about. Wish me luck.



Jackie said...

Great pics and talented daughter. I love the bright quilt that Julia made, great job. Thanks for sharing and good luck at the swim meet.

Christina said...

ahem.....it was the Brightest BED Quilt Ever!(you forgot the bed part) oh well. love you Mom!!!-Julia