Monday, February 23, 2009

Thinking Day

My Girl Scouts celebrated Thinking Day yesterday with 9 other local troops, ranging from Kindergarten Daisies to my 9th grade Seniors. We've never been able to have our event on Feb 22 before, which is actually Thinking Day. It was a fun, intimate group, compared to the several hundred girls who usually attend this event. This is a terrible picture, but here are my girls, representing Italy, singing a Rosemary Cloony song, Bocha Me Bambino (Kiss Me Baby). What can I say? All they think about is boys! After this song, we taught everyone the Tarantella, which is an aerobic workout. After sitting through some informative presentations, everyone needed to get up and dance. I had tied ribbons to our tambourine, to the dismay of of our resident drummer. Each troop prepared a dessert from their chosen country, so we made pizzelles. No leftovers. : ( How cool is that stone fireplace?

An adorable Daisy troop sang a counting song and the birthday song in Chinese. I didn't have the heart to tell them that China is not a member of WAGGGS.

We spent Saturday afternoon helping Pete with a Boy Scout project. Since Julia & I weren't feeling well, we didn't go up to see Mark. If we had known there is a new American Girl store in Natick, that probably would have tipped the scale.

Loser Monday update: No loss/ No gain. I'm happy that I haven't gained back the pounds I lost in week one, even with the traveling last week. Now it's time to get down to business. I need to follow the plan and work out! And stay away from the Girl Scout cookies!

Janet and I are off to the LQS to stock up for the applique class next weekend.

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