Friday, January 30, 2009

Disk is Full!

I can't believe we have so many files on our computer that our hard drive is full. Bill has ordered a bigger internal hard drive and knows how to make the switch. (Love him!) I hope it comes soon, because I can't import any new photos or music. It's really cramping my style!

The other thing this week that cramped my style was having teenagers around every afternoon after mid-terms. I do enjoy having Julia and her boyfriend around, but I wasn't free to hang out with Janet as much as usual. We did manage to do some sewing today while the kids baked. Thanks to Bakerella and Betty Crocker, they made these incredible brownies. Yummy!!

We all met at the quilt shop this morning. The kids walked over from school after their last exam, and Janet and I met to buy fabric. I restrained myself and only bought the yard I needed for Lily's border plus a fat quarter for fun. Janet bought Kaffe fabric for a really cool baby quilt for someone she works with. She's a real quilter already and she hasn't even finished her first quilt yet! Planning the next quilt before the first one is done. Sound familiar?

I put the border on Lily's quilt, which you can't see yet because I can't import anything. All I can show you are the blocks. The "bricks" were cut when I cut the strips for the quilt below. And the triangles were leftovers from that quilt, too. The centers of this block were pieced as "leaders and enders." The whole thing was like a bonus quilt. Visit Quiltville if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Bonnie is a genious!
This is my weed whacker quilt made with novely prints, mostly girlie, all from stash. I really enjoyed making this top and using the leftovers for Lily's. I'm looking froward to spending this weekend doing the Super Bowl Twist and burning though more stash.


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Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your computer problems. They are truly the pits. But your tops are great! You really did show some restraint at the quilt shop. I went yesterday too and wasn't quite as restrained. Thanks for the recipe, I will be making that one.