Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Sister Quilt

Here is Lily's Big Sister Quilt (BSQ). Almost done! I'm saving the binding (hand work) for the Monday night quilting bee at the community center.
It is made almost completely from stash with leftovers from a Weed whacker quilt. The only thing I needed to purchase was a yard of green print for the border. I had one in the stash that just wasn't right. I think I'll add a wide ric rac trim between the borders.
I quilted it with swirls and loops, my standard free motion deal. I didn't wear the grippy gloves, like I usually do. I wanted to, but I couldn't find them until after I was done. It figures. So my stitches are not as even as I'd like and my shoulders are pretty sore.
I added a few surprises in the quilting, a few flowers, hearts, stars and a big letter L.
The back is pieced from 9" squares and a few Twisted Happy Blocks. I made the label with leftover border blocks and pieced it into the back. I've never done that before, but I like it.OK, I'm ready to meet a new baby (boy!) and play with Lily! The delivery is scheduled for next week, so only a few days to go. We'll be traveling to visit them during winter break.

I'm starting a new weight loss plan today. Maybe I'll add a pounds lost tally in the side bar.

P.S. I should have mentioned that I tried the new Eco-friendly batting for BSQ and the racecar quilt and I like it. It's very thin, but stable. It has enough cotton to grip the fabric, so no puckering. It can be cut with a rotary cutter and doesn't leave any fuzz stuck to the board. It seems to wash well, too. I like it better than the lumpy bamboo batting.


Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Tina,
Beautiful, beautiful the colors and the quilting is great. Are you up that early
(4:53 am!!) or did you pre date this post?!! lol
Talk to you soon,

Tina said...

Me? up early? Very funny! Julia and Pete had to go in early for Jazz band rehearsals (6:45 & 7am). I roll out of bed 5 minutes before it's time to leave.

I don't know why it says that. I thought it might be because Bill installed the new hard drive last night, but our computer is showing the right time. And your comment is stamped 5:42am. It must be a blogger thing.

Jackie said...

The quilt looks fantastic! Bright and cheerful. Rick rack sound like a great embellishment for this quilt. I love that label technique. I have done that before and love the results too.

Alycia said...

What a wonderful quilt! You are pretty thrifty to use up all those pieces.

Katie said...

Hi Aunt Tina! We love our BSQ. I'll have to look for the letter "L"... I didn't know that was in there.