Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shopping Day- Crafts & Shoes

I had fun shopping today, first with Mom, then with Julia. Mom was crocheting a baby blanket for the new baby and ran out of yarn. So we started at JoAnn's. Not what she wanted, so we got some at Michael's. It's so convenient that they are at opposite ends of the same strip mall! I was very well behaved. I bought 3 yards of dark brown solid (40% off coupon) for Julia to make one of these with her collection of large prints. On the way into JoAnn's, there was a bin of the Eco-friendly batting on clearance. I hope this doesn't mean they won't be carrying it anymore. I like it, so I bought 2 packages.
I really needed a new cutting mat, so I got this one for 40% off. I love the light green and yellow. I have a smaller one in bright blue, and it's too dark. (see below) I hope these light colors will be better.
The only things I bought at Michael's were these cute decals, similar to this post. I 'll have to wash off the layer of winter crud (salt and sand) before I put them on the car.Then Julia & I went shoe shopping. That was fun! She's going to a dance in a few weeks and she needed shoes to match the dress which is cream colored with metallic gold accents. The high heeled sandals are actually gold metallic. Then a pair of champagne gold flats for when her feet start to hurt. Yes, those heels are awefully high for a freshman, but keep in mind that the boyfriend is 6'2" to her 4'11".

And red flats for me in the same size and style, because they are so cute! I love Payless. 3 pairs for $50.

Yesterday, I started working on the Geese in the Forest block of the month. I prefer working with small paper-piecing patterns, so I reduced the 6" block to 3". I'll be using batiks on a white background. I'm not sure about the background, but I love the batiks. I can't wait til the next installment! See the blue mat? It was really hard to cut those green fabrics on it.
Someday soon, I'll show you how small my paper-piecing gets.


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Jackie said...

Shopping is so much fun! Great to get new stuff and keep the economy going. I love your Geese in The Forest, I must get going on these as well.