Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mountain Baby Blankets

I stumbled upon a new project by Rachel Cox: Mountain Baby Blankets. Rachel is asking us quilty/crafty types to make baby blankets for the children in Appalachia. Please visit her blog for details. Some really beautiful quilts have already been donated.For now, I'm just sending what I already have done. I made the small quilt from stash with a minke back and Julia made the receiving blanket. They have been waiting for a home for a few months now. This is the perfect solution! I'll be looking through the stash again to see what else I can put together.

I joined Flicker today, so I could join Rachel's group. There's not much in my new photostream yet. Do I really need photos there, here and on Facebook?

I've been productive, crossing things off my list. The dining room table is still full, but it's more organized with neater piles!
  • Class handouts, samples and step-outs- DONE!
  • Handouts & samples for "midnight madness" craft- DONE!
  • Layer & quilt a twin scrappy top to sleep under at camp
  • Set up an Etsy shop
  • Make some paper pieced pins to sell
  • Keep up with the Quilt Along- DONE!
  • Start something for the Nothing But Scraps Challenge- I found a little top in the basement- does that count?
  • Attend an applique class on Feb 28- fabric selected
  • Send out the Guild newsletter on March 2
I'm procrastinating on the Etsy shop. Setting up a paypal account is scary for some reason. If you are happy with your shop (or not), please let me know. I need a push to just go do it!


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Jackie said...

Funny thing, I have thought about doing Etsy as well, but the PayPal thing is what is keeping me from following through. I will probably get around to it some day.