Sunday, January 24, 2016

Woven Sunset

 I wonder why I was drawn to work on these warm colors on a cold, snowy day? 

This project started almost a year ago, during a retreat weekend in March 2015. Carole Kenny taught a workshop of the Sunset pattern by Julie Popa. It looks complicated, but it goes together quickly.

 The quilting was done over the course of three days. There were lots of starts and stops and thread tails to bury which gets old fast. I need to break up jobs like that into bite size pieces.

The quilting was done with a pale peach 50 wt Superior So Fine thread. It blends nicely with the warm strips and shows up nicely on the background.

I "marked" guidelines for the orange peel quilting with a bone folder. If you look closely, you can see some creased lines. They will disappear with use or during the first washing. The orange peels aren't perfect, but I love the overall effect.

I picked up the yardage for the backing when my local quilt shop had their retirement sale. I picked a red from my stash for the binding.

 You can see the straight line and serpentine quilting in the woven strips and the border. That center border was pieced from leftovers from the blocks. No waste!


Woven Sunset
55" X 70"
Started 3/13/15
Completed 1/23/16


Bonny said...

What a very pretty quilt! I love your colors - pink and orange - 2 of my all time favorites!
Such a cute picture of hubby holding quilt :)

Debbie said...

Really pretty, and your quilting really sets it off.

Lynne Tilley said...

I love your quilt. It's absolutely beautiful!! I adore the color combinations. I'm a big orange fan, and seeing it with the pink just opens up all kinds of ideas for me. Thanks so much for sharing!

margaret said...

what a lovely quilt you have made here love orange and pink together and the quilting is beautiful

Gina said...

It's stunning. I love the colours you've used. Just right for what looks like a cold snowy day xx

Lori said...

Husbands holding quilts, hysterical!