Friday, January 22, 2016

Disappearing Orange Peel

 This is my attempt at Modern Traditionalism. I started with a traditional orange peel design with scrappy orange prints hand-appliqued on a scrappy low volume background. 

I replaced some of the peels with ghost shapes that are hand-quilted with perle cotton. 

I machine quilted with a cream 50 wt Superior So Fine thread. I left the peels unquilted, but I considered quilting some orange fill designs in the ghost shapes. 

I thought I had started this project early last year. When I searched the blog, I found this post from 2012! This was supposed to be my Tangerine Tango project. I completely changed direction from my original plan which shows how my quilting style has evolved over the last four years.

For the back, I had a perfect tree print in my stash from Central Park by Kate Spain. The orange dot from Oliver + S is the perfect binding.

I have to say I really enjoyed all the hand stitching on this project- from the applique to the perle cotton quilting to stitching down the binding. I was able to finish it up in just a few days. Gotta love those minis!

Disappearing Orange Peel
Started 1/27/12
Completed 1/21/16
16" X 16"
 With a snowstorm on its way, I'm flashing back to these cuties. She started her final semester of college this week and he left for his first overseas deployment. Wish they were here to play in the snow (and do the shoveling!)


Debbie said...

Lovely job on this! Wonderful ghost blocks and hand quilt accents - nice!! I took the liberty of sharing on my AQT facebook page. If you'd rather me not, just holler!

Marlene said...

What a lovely finish. I really like how you quilted the ghost blocks rather than all the peels being appliqued.

SarahZ said...

Oh my goodness what a sunny fun finish! Congratulations on a real beauty!

Sandi said...

Now that you've done the mini do you think you want to make a bigger one? I love the balance you achieved with the Perle cotton and machine quilting, it is lovely, thanks for sharing.

margaret said...

god to see this completed liking the way you have used the perle instead of orange peel in some palces

ES said...

I really like this- I'm a fan of orange and orange peels'

Unknown said...

Love everything about your quilt!

Unknown said...

Love everything about your quilt!