Monday, January 6, 2014

Random Monday

My blocks are done for the first round of our guild's Friendship star swap starting next week. I like the high contrast of two fabrics, as opposed to the scrappiness of the block I made for the instruction post. That block may be destined for the spare block bin.

 Pete wanted to replace a worn out pair of cammies, so the name tape needed to be moved to the new pair. Three months of boot camp was enough to wear a hole in one knee.

My reward for sewing for him is that I get to keep the old cammies! I'll be surfing the web for ideas on what to make. I'm thinking tote bag, zippered pouch, key fob...

On New Year's Day, hundreds of brave souls plunged into the freezing water to raise money for charity. Don't let the beautiful view fool you. It was only about 20 degrees!

 Bill and Pete were two of the crazies. I had the camera and Julia had the towels. I hope this is one of those things they only need to do once.
 There are uniform pieces all over the house. I hope he remembers to pack it all!

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I've loved having both kids home, but I had really gotten comfortable in our empty nest! Julia will be home for two more weeks, so we're hoping to get started on a New York Beauty block of the month from our local quilt shop. We've wanted to make one together since we met Karen Stone in 2005. I think we're ready!


Cathy said...

What about create a block (or two) from the cammies for a pillow (or two)?

I go back to work tomorrow...I'm not ready!!

Jodi said...

Nice stars, Tina. My son did the plunge a number of years back - once was enough for him! xo

sew.darn.quilt said...

Gorgeous rich colours on your stars!
Beautiful :D