Monday, April 6, 2009

Yarny Fun

I haven't done any sewing in a while (except to apply scout patches). But I have been playing with yarn. My current favorite blog is Attic 24. This is Lucy's Neat Ripple pattern, which I LOVE. I wanted to try it with the yarn I had on hand, but now I want some nicer yarn. I'm already a fabric snob. Will I become a yarn snob, too?!

I just got my Ravelry invitation so I spent a few minutes browsing the crochet scarf patterns this morning. This is the Seashell Scarf by Alla Koval. I'm liking this, too.

My mother and I took a trip to Walmart yesterday and we both bought a batch of Homespun yarns to make another prayer shawl. She used a smaller hook than I did, and I like the way it worked up better than with the giant hook. She bought the Waterfall color below, and I got Apple Green. Are we ready for summer or what? All of these projects will be coming to baseball games with me! Yeah! It's Opening Day!

Go Sox!!

P.S. Almost forgot... Watch Heather B. Armstrong on Oprah today! Heather writes my other favorite blog, Dooce.

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Jackie said...

Didn't know you were multi- talented! Love what you have started. Saw Oprah today, was a great show!