Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sprint to the Finish

Only three days left in the Spring to Finish challenge. The border is on Jess's quilt, so I plan to prep the backing and get it layered today. Maybe start quilting? I want to do some "custom" quilting, not an all-over stipple, so I probably won't finish by Thursday.

I think I can finish my first quarter wall hanging with the January, February and March Tisket/Tasket Baskets. I just finished the embroidery on the February block. The bright sun makes the blue birds appear even brighter in the photo than in reality.

I'm having trouble with the handle and top corners of the baskets matching up, which I think I can fix in the next block. Maybe I can catch up before the May block is posted. A girl can dream!

The big magnolia next to the driveway is much healthier this year, thanks to the Jobe's tree spikes. I love how the leaves sprout from the base of the buds.

I saw a great photo on someone else's blog of a bee polinating a flower. There were three bumblers on this PJM rhodedendron in the late afternoon sun. Again, I think the bright sun did weird things to the color. Maybe I'll put one of these on the top of my Mother's Day wish list and see what happens...



Jackie said...

I am desperately trying to finish up a binding on a quilt for the spring to finish too! Doing it at night while watching the sox. Great spring blooms. Crossing finger for your wish to come true!

Sew Many Ways... said...

I have that on my wish list too, but we just paid the dorm and tuition deposits, so we are officially poor!!!