Saturday, April 18, 2009

Linus Quiltathon

Our guild held a Project Linus Quiltathon today. It was our first ever Saturday charity quilt event and we were pleased to have 11 quilters participate. We got at least a dozen tops finished.

Laurel finished the sweet top behind her.

Sid tried to finish a mystery UFO from a getaway weekend several years ago. It would be nice to get mine done and out of the house, too! It is a sailboat with a sun in the sky and fish in the water. It was a true mystery in that we were told to bring light and dark blues, brights, yellows, white, etc. But there was no indication that they would become sky, water, sails and fish. So some people's fabrics were just horrible in the finished piece. I don't say that to be snarky or snobby. Not every light blue fabric translates well as a sky. Not every dark blue looks like water. It was such a waste of fabric for them.

This is Roberta- or should I say Roberta's hands and feet! I found out today that she was a Girl Scout leader for 15 years, just before Julia and I started. So we had lots to talk about.

I think this was my favorite top of the day- Cowboy prints.

Julia came to help after sleeping late and going out to lunch with Dad. We put together a little top with leftover twisted happy blocks. I'll need to look for border and backing fabrics.

Julia needed to sleep in because she went to a Red Sox game last night. It was her birthday present from Josh. Lucky girl! She doesn't remember her first trip to Fenway when she was about 5. Fenway is like a shrine to our family, so she was wicked excited. They texted me at least a dozen times! The weather was great, they were on TV (NESN) during the pre-game show, and the Sox won! A perfect day at the park.

I need to unpack my machine and get back to work. I'm glad to finally be sewing again. I didn't tell you I had a cold last week (it seems like everyone was sick last week!) so I didn't get anything done. I think I'm finally feeling motivated to get something finished and cross some things off the list.


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Jackie said...

What a great day for your quiltathon. It looks likeyou were all very productive! Great day for Julia too! I have been watching the Red Sox everyday, love it. Even though right now they are not doing so well in comparison to the other teams I still so love watching them.