Monday, April 27, 2009

A Glorious Weekend

It couldn't have been better. We watched (played) some baseball/softball, sewed a little, gardened a little, went to the beach (sort of) and the Red Sox swept the Yankees.
All is right with the world.

While all this fun stuff was going on, I was not documenting it for posterity or the blog. Pete took the sunset photo last night. It's not bad for his first attempt. I should have given him the tripod.

Let's see what I can piece together for the rest of the weekend. Julia made herself a top with this cute fabric from Joann's. She's always loved the Little Mermaid. It's the stuff that's shirred at the top like a tube top. I taught her how to do a French seam and she had a new top in under 30 minutes and $12.

After I hemmed her concert dress (more on that later this week) and while Obsidian was rehearsing in the basement, I added a row to Jess's Confirmation quilt. We decided the proportions were just not right with 20 stars. I only had to pick out one seam to add the "row". I stuck it in the middle because it was a slightly different mix of fabrics from the rest of the top. I had completely used up some of the blues and most of the creams. I thought it would blend better this way. I'll try to get the border added today and maybe piece the back.

We were plastered to the TV for all 3 Yankee games this weekend. You can watch a video of the most exciting play of the series, Jacoby Ellsbury stealing home, here.
Yeah, that's right. He stole home!

This is the current color in front of my home. The flowering trees are amazing this year. The bleeding heart should start blooming in a few days.

Since it was summer-like yesterday, we found it necessary to have dinner at Iggy's, Rhode Island beach food at it's best! We had chowder, clamcakes, onion rings, a fish sandwich for Bill, Iggy's root beer for Pete and no trip to Iggy's is complete without...

They are the most incredibly delicious fried dough product I have ever eaten
(with the possible exception of New Orleans beignets).

On that note of deep-fried guilt, I think I'll go for a nice long walk!

Have a happy Monday,


Jackie said...

Yes, we were also plastered to the TV... Go Sox!!! Love the play with Jacoby, fantastic. Mmmmm.... this Iggy's sounds like a place I need to visit! Now off to watch the Sox game already in progress.

Sew Many Ways... said...

Love all the pictures, but the last one is my favroite for obvious reasons. We drive 35 minutes for those!!