Friday, April 24, 2009


I made it. The raffle quilt was quilted, bound, washed and photographed just in the nick of time. As I was leaving school, I think the bell rang for the end of the day.

I included care (washing) instructions on the package and a blurb about the eco-friendly batting made from corn. I think I like the bamboo batting better, because it is blended with some cotton. The PLA fiber made from corn feels like polyester. It washed nicely, though.

When I arrived in the office, I wrote a note to the teachers with a description of the quilt for the raffle tickets. Of course, on the way home, I thought of more clever wording. I didn't even mention the title of the quilt. I don't know how much space they'll have, but this is better than what I gave them:

Broad Rock Goes to Washington, a lap quilt made by Tina Craig of Seaside Stitches. At a generous 45" X 60", it is the perfect size for cuddling on the couch, taking on a picnic, or keeping warm at sporting events. Eco-friendly batting made from renewable corn is nestled inside 100% cotton fabrics, making the quilt red, white, blue and green!

Now I'm ready to go play outside. Have a great weekend!

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Jackie said...

Great quilt! It will definitely be enjoyed!