Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday already?

Monday holidays always throw me off. I want today to be Monday, but everyone is posting their Tuesday features (Tool Time Tuesday and Tuesday at the Table) so I guess I need to move on!

I managed to get a little crafting done last night. I was tasked with assembling posters for jazz night. The high school jazz band and chorus will perform this weekend in a party setting, with food and cash bar for adults. It's a fun night out! The photography teacher offered to take head shots of the seniors and did a fantastic job. All I needed to do was assemble the posters. I'm really happy with how they came out. How convenient that there are eight seniors!

I promised you a peak at my Ikea haul. The beer glasses will be used as candle holders at jazz night. I'm covering them with vellum printed with jazz music that looks really cool with the candle shining through. I'll set the candles on a vinyl album charger.

Pinterest is killing me and I feel  the need to transfer all the food in my pantry into storage containers. I picked up a few, but I need lots more! Again, Pinterest is responsible for the purchase of 2 spice racks. We want to paint them (black or white?) and store nail polish or crafts supplies on them. We desperately needed new cutting boards and there is a picture ledge for Pete's room to display graduation flair.

 The most exciting (for me) purchase was the cable system. I have been displaying wall hangings on this hallway wall for years. There is a long piece of wood trim that I feed through the quilt sleeves and set on nails in the wall. It worked, but it doesn't look great.

Ahh, that's better! With the cable system and hanging hooks, I can easily change out the quilts and can hang pieces without sleeves. And I can overlap/layer quilts so I don't have to search for ones that fit just right.

In family news, Pete marched in his last town parade. There is much more marching in his future, though! He's happy it will be done in a cooler uniform.

He stood at attention during the playing of the Marine Corps Hymn during the ceremony. Our church choir sang the Navy Hymn/Eternal Father on Sunday. I can't sing it! I start to cry by the end of the first verse and it just gets worse as the song progresses.

There was some sibling bonding over new airsoft guns. Do you believe he found Marine Corps airsoft? They actually have EGAs on them.

 I'd better get to work. I think it's a yard work day, before the heat arrives later this week. I need to buy red, white and blue annuals for my pots.


Debbie said...

Great IKEA haul & I love your new pulley system!

Cathy said...

I love the cable system for hanging the quilts! That is a great idea for the wall in our family room when it gets its makeover.