Friday, May 24, 2013

Finish it up Friday

 I didn't get a whole lot of sewing done this week, but I did manage to complete this top for Habitat for Humanity. I'll try to prepare the back and binding tonight, then set it all aside until we buy batting. I'm calling this a finish!

This is the X's and O's pattern from Missouri Star. We had a stash of 6" blocks donated by guild members years ago, and I found the tan in our outreach stash, too. This will make a great quilt for a 10-year old boy.

Julia has been playing with fabric, getting ready to make a quilt for her boyfriend. Most of these squares came from the Big 10 Inch Swap that Monica hosted on Flickr last year.

She decided to go with the Old Italian block from the cover of Anita's book, because the boyfriend will be an Old Italian man someday soon! The first two test blocks didn't turn out very well. The rotary cutter slipped on the blue one, making the center square not square, and the dimensions of the red one are off. One more test block is in order before we start full scale production.

The bleeding hearts are blooming this week. Those little blossoms are so cute!

We'll be in Boston tomorrow for the "To Boston With Love" exhibit at the MFA!

Now, hop over to Crazy Mom Quilts to see what everyone else finished this week.


WoolenSails said...

Beautiful quilt and a wonderful cause for quilts. I was all ready to quilt today, got my machine back, but my husband drove off with my cord, so no sewing, lol. The baby is coming Monday, so I hope I can finish it before he comes home.


Jodi said...

LOVE the Xs and Os quilt! I, too, have some bleeding hearts in my garden - they are so dainty-looking. Have fun in Boston!

Esther F. said...

The quilt is very beautiful! Great work!

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Carla said...

Very nice to make a quilt for Habitat. It will be much appreciated. My bleeding hearts are in bloom too : )

Debbie said...

Very nice quilt - sooo close! And love the bleeding hearts - my mom has some I am admiring lately. Wish I'd known you were going to Boston! I keep scanning the pics I see looking for mine but haven't seen it yet. Did you find yours??

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