Monday, October 31, 2011

Mom's Birthday

We interrupt this quilting blog for a brief family post...

My mother turned 85 on Saturday and she couldn't be happier (or cuter)!

Julia prepared a double batch of homemade pasta (8 eggs worth)! She's made it a few times before, and this was the best yet! Does that look like enough for 10 people? I hate to tell you there wasn't much left over.

When my sister was leaving yesterday, Mom said thank you and that her presence would have been enough. I thought she said presents!

She was a little confused by the quilt at first. She didn't remember making the hexie flowers all those years ago. When it all sunk in, she got a little teary.

To end our beautiful evening, it started to snow! We were lucky on the coast with only a dusting.

Have a Happy Halloween!


Archie the wonder dog said...

Bless! She looks as though she had a great time, glad she likes the quilt!

Anonymous said...

Wow...!!! That is so lovely!!! Happy birthday to your MUM!!!

Debbie said...

Very sweet, Tina! and very cool IMHO!