Friday, October 21, 2011

Quilt Show Goodies

The Silent Auction of Miniature quilts at the Ninigret show was incredibly successful. The 28 minis made by our members brought in over $900 for two local charities!

This is the one that came home with me! Prue Holton made this little gem from a block print that she purchased in India. She was able to watch them being printed! I think it's a fascinating little piece and I'm so happy to own it!

I was happy that my mini hexie star went home with a friend!
The scrap table was my nemesis at the last show. I couldn't stand to even look at it. It was an unruly pile of fabric bits and pieces. This year, I decided to try to tame it with my collection of large wicker baskets. (I really didn't know I had that many big baskets!)

As I was putting fabric in the baskets, I found some pieces I had to have. Darn. I really didn't want to do that! But how could I leave these behind?

A fairly large piece of hand painted fabric!
A funky green that I need to research.
And a sweet pink polka dot.

Hello? Modern prints in the scraps? And a few of them are full fat quarters!

All for a few dollars in the donation jar!

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Archie the wonder dog said...

A scrap table is such a good idea at a show and I love what you brought home with you! The mini quilt is lovely and I'm glad your hexie stars went to a good home!