Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quilt Show Favorites, Part 1

The Westerly Armory is a really interesting building for a quilt show. The staff and volunteers are incredibly supportive of our show. I need to call soon to schedule the 2013 show!

Here are some of my favorites from the Ninigret Quilters show last weekend.

Beverly Nickerson's Bear Paw titled Ursus Arctus in Autumnal Purple won first place in Overall Craftsmanship. It is also wearing honorable mention ribbons for best use of color and machine quilting. It is an over-sized king! It was quilted by Pat Harrison.

Blue Feathers by Tora Sterregaard is a triumph over leftover charity blocks. I think the gray makes it look soft and modern. It was artfully machine quilted by April Gilroy.

Erin Call made this buzz saw quilt in blues as a graduation gift. I love the bits of peachy-orange!

Here is another one from Erin: Roll, Roll Cotton Boll, a mystery from Bonnie Hunter. (Pattern will be in her next book.) It earned an honorable mention for piecing. The sheer volume of piecing is staggering!

Georgia Wostrel made this Petals quilt from a Quiltmaker magazine article from Jan/Feb 2006. Her collection of batiks is to die for!

Nancy Aneyci was intimidated by the circles in this modern pattern, but she jumped in and did a fabulous job! She used a collection of fabrics from some of our favorite modern designers in the darker color ways that I don't usually buy, and they are so striking.

Stop by again on Thursday for part 2!
(Tomorrow is WIP Wednesday.)


Jodi said...

My sister Mary and I had a blast at the show, Tina! So glad that we went! And congrats again on your two ribbons, and a fabulous show - what a lot of work that must be, I can only imagine.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing!!

Jackie said...

Those are some fabulous quilts!

Stitchin' time said...

Some gorgeous quilts here and I love Pat Bruno's ones. I particularly like the 2nd one from the right at the bottom. Looks like a tree lined road going somewhere. I've probably picked her student's one but then the teacher claims some credit too!
Mentioning quilts I like I just want to congratulate you on the Wedding Ring Star Quilt that The Drawing Board blog has posted today. Love the detail and all those curves. Well done :)!

Elisa Black said...

Those are all such amazing and inspiring quilts! Just beautiful-- I am humbled. Thanks for sharing!