Monday, February 14, 2011

Modern Design Wall Monday

I'm experimenting with some paper-pieced zig zags for a postcard swap. I wanted to replicate my modern zig zag quilt that was made with half square triangles. The first attempt, on the right, was paper-pieced in rows, with all the same seam lines as HSTs. I've been paper-piecing long enough to know that I didn't need so many seams! Plan B is on the left.

Much better! It is flatter, and you can see more of the designer fabrics.
It will be quilted, trimmed and backed later today.

Julia's block for the Girl Scout Troop quilt is on the design wall. Each girl designed or chose her own block to piece. They also dyed some of their own fabric. The light blue in the corners was dyed with Kool Aid! Now that swim season is over, she should have some time to sew this together soon (after trimming up the units!).

Julia got her license a couple weeks ago, so she and her boyfriend Josh went on their first real date this weekend (dinner and a movie). I forgot to give her a curfew, but she didn't need it. She was home over an hour earlier than I would have allowed her!

Here are her Valentines for him. Stickers from Twig & Thistle.

I actually ran into Josh in the grocery store yesterday, with this can of olives in my hand! He was buying a rose for Julia. So cute!

I'm listening to Esperanza Spalding today. She won the Best New Artist Grammy last night (a cure for Bieber Fever?)! We saw her perform on a side stage at the Saratoga Jazz Festival in 2007 and we knew then she was awesome.

Listen to some jazz today! It's perfect for Valentine's day!

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Lee said...

Beautiful zig zags! I never thought of paper-piecing zig zags, for some reason. Nice job.