Monday, February 21, 2011

Gathered Clutches!

Oh my goodness! I love these so much! I wish I could keep them all, but they have always been destined to be bridesmaid's gifts.

You all have seen the Noodlehead tutorial for the gathered clutch. You haven't? GO NOW! (Then, please come back. I'll wait... See? Awesome, right?) I finally bought the pattern last week and love the added instructions. Thank you, Anna!

It was so much fun choosing the fabric combinations and matching zippers. I bought the hardware from SewingSupplies on Etsy, who I would recommend for her speedy service and great prices. I bought the 5/8" wristlet hardware set with lobster claw swivel hooks and D-rings.

Jamie (the bride!) likes the linen mixed with modern prints, so I chose three different shades of linen blend. It's not the cool new quilter's linen. I found this at Joann's and it works just fine for this project.

Jamie had seen one on Flickr with hexies and asked if I would make one for her maid of honor, to make hers different and special (the one in front above).

With a fresh dusting of snow, it was fun to take them outside for a photo session!

Inside pockets:

I recommend following the suggestion to take a bigger seam allowance on the lining. If you don't, it doesn't lie flat inside and puckers a bit up near the zipper. Like this:

This one is better:

(Zipper swoon!)

I know someone will ask me about the zippers. I bought them at my local quilt shop. They were displayed on a cool carousel, but I can't remember who the manufacturer is. I can find out, if you need to know!
With all the switching between the zipper foot and 1/4" foot, breaking a couple of needles was inevitable! I had never seen this happen before last week while blog surfing. Apparently, the Superior topstitch needles BEND instead of snapping and flying in your face. One more reason I am totally in love with these needles!

(Yes, it is time to clean my machine!)

Now Jamie needs to decide which bridesmaid will receive which clutch!

Now, please visit my friends who host these crafty linky parties!


Katie said...

LOVE THEM!!! Wish I was a bridesmaid :-)

Sally said...

These are really adorable! I love the look of the line with the modern bright fabrics in the middle! I made one of these for a niece for Christmas, but I have been wanting to make some more.

Shelley said...

Those are gorgeous! I love the linen with the bright colors. I think this is the best version of this clutch pattern I've seen so far!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow I have never seen this tutorial before, but you're right, I have to bookmark it!! I SO LOVE YOUR CLUTCHES! And...a hexie one?!? ::faints:: Awesome job, they look like candy all sitting in a row like that! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Kristen said...

LOVE! The zippers are so wonderful and that hardware gives them such a professional look!

Megan said...

I. LOVE. THESE. enough said. :) Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday. Have a great week!

Chris Daly said...

Those clutches are great! Thanks for the link to Sewing Supplies.

Stephanie said...

Very cute pattern and they will make very special bridesmaid gifts.

Melissa said...

I love these so much that I had to pop over from the Flickr group!

Those zippers add such a great pop with the neutral base. And I'm guessing they're Atkinson Designs zippers, since you mentioned they were displayed on a carousel. That's just about all I buy now--pretty colors, and they're half the price of C&C.

Great job! Those bridesmaids will love them. :)

Mary Jo said...

Really pretty! I, too, wish I were a bridesmaid! :)