Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Girl Quilts

I love making quilts for little girls!

This one is for my 3rd grand-niece who is due in a few weeks. This just might become my go-to baby quilt pattern. I love piecing these! And I love using grown-up pretty fabric in the border. I'll need to learn how to Skype so Great Grandma can visit with the new baby.

Two years ago today, I started this Whirlygiggle for Anna, who I thought was going to be a boy! She is a hoot and a handful! Happy Birthday, Annie!

(Hey, I like that skinnier inner border. Why didn't I do that this time?)

Her mom had requested a reproduction of her own baby quilt (made by my mother) for her first daughter, Lily. So Lily's puff quilt was a labor of love from Great Grandma and Great Aunt Tina, with help from Julia and my sister Anita, the official puff stuffers!

This is Lily's big girl quilt, made of scraps of all kinds of fun girlie novelty prints.

I've made my share of baby boy quilts, but girl quilts are cuter!

The last quilt I made for Pete is currently keeping his snowboard warm on his bedroom floor!


Connie said...

Beautiful quilts, lot of work in these quilt! How was the puff quilt made?, really like it.. Happy sewing!

Emily said...

I really love your whirligig quilts. Do you have a pattern for those? They are just too cute!

Katie said...

Love them all!!! I should send you a picture of the original puff quilt. 34 years old this year! Annie sleeps with her quilt every night. Lily sleeps with her Lightning McQueen blanket (sorry Aunt Tina..hehe)