Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve

We had a lovely Christmas and I hope you all did, too. We decided to go to my childhood church for "midnight" Mass (now at 10pm) for nostalgic reasons. It just wasn't the same, but key elements remain, such as singing Jesu Bambino and Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle during the procession with the baby Jesus.

The day after Christmas, we went bowling with my sister, her husband and son Eric. He's the cousin closest in age to my kids on my side of the family. He's a talented artist and will be graduating from Cleveland Institute of Art in May. He's a cool guy!

Bill and I just got home from a mini-vacation to Newport.
This was the view from our hotel room!
The Newport bridge to the right...

and sunset to the left!

Walking to breakfast this morning, I spotted this incredible cross stitch sampler in an antique store window. Grace made this on Christmas in 1787!

It started snowing before we left Newport, now everything is pretty and white again. We were surprised that all 18+ inches of snow from the 20th was gone when we got home on the 27th.

I can't wait until tomorrow to tell you about my big project for 2010! I must go prepare!

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Jackie said...

Tina, I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas. Here is to a joyous and prosperous New Year!! Looking forward to seeing what big project you are up to for 2010.