Sunday, December 20, 2009

Handmade Gifts

I thought you'd like to see a couple of gifts we've been working on.

The first one is not a gift, but an easy, fun ornament. (Sorry, I didn't bookmark the tutorial.)
You can see my fun garland in this photo, too. I made it several years ago from a segment on the Carol Duvall Show. Start with a package of 3/4" round labels. I colored in a full sheet (or 2) of labels for each color of my new scrapbook markers. Stick 2 together, sandwiching a strong thread in between (I used an orange jeans thread) and you have a garland. I had everything on hand, which makes it free!
I love playing with paper!

These ribbon wreaths are so pretty and easy, so Julia is making them for her teachers. My GS troop enjoyed making them because they already knew the "stitch" from weaving plastic lanyard at camp. An upgrade of materials and you have something completely different.

Julia made this pile of "emergency" bracelets yesterday for her guy friends and cousins. They can be untied in an emergency to use the 8-10' of cord. We actually enjoyed our trip to the army-navy store to buy the paracord. The guy working there wants a bracelet! Julia was able to follow the tutorial without any help from me. I love my mini me!

I hope Josh doesn't read my blog this week. Here's a gift for him.
How cool are these pencils?

Did I tell you I love playing with paper?
Here's a pile of origami wreath ornaments. I was making them at the swim meet on Friday. I didn't have time to cut the paper before we left, so I brought a pack of paper and a paper cutter to the pool. Is that an indication that I have a problem?
Once I started making these, I couldn't stop! See? I have a problem!
Now, what to do with them? They will probably be package tie-ons.

OK. Enough stalling. It's time to shovel snow!
We have tickets for Wicked at 1:00, but our street isn't really plowed yet (neither is the driveway to my mother's apartment). Keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able to get to the highway.

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Jackie said...

Love all these! Especially the emergency bracelet. Great idea! Funny we did not get nearly the amount of snow they were predicting. I am kind of glad about that! Have fun seeing Wicked.