Friday, December 11, 2009

A Crafty Day

As a pre-Birthday treat, Bill took today off to be my designated driver to the big cities of Providence and Pawtucket. I am the expert navigator.

On the way up I-95, we love seeing the Big Blue Bug dressed up for the holidays. He looks even better at night, completely wrapped in lights. "Nibbles Woodaway" is a Rhode Island landmark.

First we went to Craftland! Fun, fun, fun! It's open year round now, so if you're ever in Providence, please go. If I'm feeling brave, I might consider submitting some of my work next year. I'm not sure if I'm cool enough. Bill said I might have to stretch outside my comfort level.

I loved the architecture of the building across the street. I don't know anything about architecture, but I thought it was pretty.

Next, we took a ten-minute drive to Pawtucket for the Foundry Artists Show.

There were 60 (SIXTY!) fabulous artists displaying their wares.

The ArtGirlz booth was right at the entrance. Too bad the Girlz weren't there. Hey, maybe if I hang out with them more, I'll be cool enough for Craftland.
I might have picked up a stocking stuffer here. Shhh.

Look at this glorious fringe!
I want to know why this fringe doesn't unravel or fray. Does anyone know? Maybe I'm just not using nice enough yarn. It's not knotted at the ends and the ends are soft.

This booth was really cool. Playing with Books, which I think is an offshoot of The Rag and Bone. The wreaths are rolled pages of old books. Garlands are everywhere!

Not a great picture with the sun streaming in, but these are really sweet art sets from Pink Lemonade.

Tomorrow, I'll show you what I bought! And there might be a birthday giveaway!
But right now, we're getting ready for a Girl Scout troop holiday party.

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Jackie said...

That looks like my kind of day! Crafty, artsy, just right. Can't wait to see what purchases you made.