Friday, January 1, 2010

The 2010 Big Project

Here's the plan:
To get my backlog of family photos into scrapbooks.

Seems simple enough until you see just how many photos there are.

Eleven (11!) years worth, stored in drawers and boxes.
At least they are already in chronological order and stored with corresponding memorabilia.

By January 2011, I hope to have a fresh shelf full of scrapbooks.

It's not as if I have done nothing in 11 years. I try to stay on top of special events and vacations. These are the books for my nieces' weddings, a trip to Puerto Rico, and a Disney vacation. The book in front was purchased in Florence, Italy when Bill and I were there in 2002. The cover is hand marbled paper with Italian leather binding. My favorite!

So my plan is to complete one year each month.
You get the picture. (hee hee- punny!)

I stopped printing photos in mid-2008, so 2008, 2009 and 2010 will probably be digital books. I worked on 2009 already using the Blurb software. It's nothing fancy, but it's almost done.

The tricky part will be to keep the rest of my life on track at the same time. There will still be quilting projects, Girl Scouts (cookies- ack!), kids to drive around, dinners to cook and a house to clean. You know- life!

I'm headed back down to the studio to take stock of my supplies. I need to make sure I have enough pages and plenty of adhesive to get started. If not, I'll be using my coupons at ACMoore and Michael's this afternoon.

I need a catchy name for this project. Any suggestions?

Wish me luck with my biggest New Year's Resolution ever!

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Chocolate Cat said...

Wow, good luck! Something I really need to do but think I have my hands already full this year. Maybe I can put it on my resolutions for next Jan now!!!