Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Update

I started two new little projects this weekend.
Jack, from Happy Zombie, and some Kanzashi flowers from Diane's book.

I traced Jack onto a piece of linen blend, colored him in with crayons, then embroidered the outlines. I need to search the stash for cute border fabric and make him into a pillow.

The Kanzashi book is gorgeous! My first attempt at a flower was a failure. I'm not even going to show you. The orange and purple ones are mine. Julia made the purple one with black button and attached it to a headband. They are really fun to make. Go buy the book now!

Julia and I stitched our way through Pete's baseball double-header yesterday. She's binding the QOV, in the home stretch of her project.

Pete is awesome! When I realized how insanely dirty our windows were, I sent him out to wash the outside of the picture window, the kitchen windows and the french doors. Then he mowed the lawn. I love that kid!

Have a beautiful week,

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Jackie said...

What a busy weekend!