Friday, September 11, 2009

Class Rings

Julia came home from school yesterday with the class ring order forms! Of course, she and her brother had to try on our class rings (and wore them for the rest of the night). I think the most fun part of designing your class ring is choosing the "pride side," the design on the side that represents what you're doing or who you are in high school. I chose music because I was (and still am) a total band geek. Bill has track and field on his, and he still suffers from back pain from those years of long jumping.

Will Julia choose music, too? Or maybe be more specific and choose brass? Or have a trumpet engraved next to her name? Oh, just rack up those optional costs!

Julia actually asked if she needed to have one. She realizes that a class ring is worn for a few years, then you get a college ring and wear that for a few years, then they both sit in a jewelry box. I do love mine and I'm glad I have it. Where is your class ring?


Jackie said...

Oh, class rings! I am not sure where mine is, I think I will go look for it later. Now you have me wondering.

Katie said...

Hi Aunt Tina! Just checking in. I have no idea where my class ring is and honestly I never really wore it. I also never got a college one, but I think it is neat that you have yours to show the kids. I am however going to my 10 yr. college reunion in Oct. Can you believe it has been 10 years already? I won't be getting a ring, but a new IC sweatshirt is definitely in my future!