Friday, September 25, 2009

I Sewed!

Yay! I finally had some time to sew. I made a list of what needs to be done this fall and it's not pretty. Well, the finished quilts will be pretty!

First up: Three by Three swap blocks are almost a completed top.
I need to decide on the border(s) and if I'll quilt it myself or give it to a longarmer friend.

Silly long-arm story:
At our last Guild meeting, I was asked to read a blurb about an upcoming guest speaker aloud to the members. As I tired to focus, I had to move the paper farther and farther from my face. When I finished reading about this award winning long arm quilter, a friend said:
"Tina, it looks like you've become a long arm reader!"

While I was waiting for my new washing machine to be delivered yesterday,
I finished my Geese in the Forest blocks. I'm hoping to get them sewn together today so I can pull off the paper during Pete's game tomorrow.

During the Mentalist, I laid them out and pinned them to my foam core design wall.
When Bill got home from DC late last night, he said "It looks like a forest."
He's so smart.

Not sure if I mentioned this before-
I don't like paper-piecing large blocks. The original patterns for 6" blocks were just enormous for me, so I reduced them to 3". Without borders, the top will finish at 30", my favorite wall-hanging size.

I need to call Sears this morning to mention that as the washer delivery guy was bad mouthing the salesman, he was hooking up the water lines wrong. I set the washer for a COLD wash. I went in a few minutes after it finished, and the laundry room felt like a sauna! Bill reversed the lines this morning, so I'm ready to spend the day attacking Mount Washmore.

It's going to be a crazy fun weekend.
  • Drum lesson and Boy Scout popcorn sale after school (P)
  • Marching band at the football game tonight (J&P)
  • Baseball game tomorrow (P)
  • Airing of the quilts at Cranston Historical Society (1/2 mile from baseball field!)
  • Silver Award - last few hours of work (J)
  • Sunday Mass and religious ed class (J&P teach 1st grade)
  • Firefighter's Parade (J&P)
  • Praise! rehearsal (J,P &B)
  • No School Monday- hurray!
  • Drive to Providence with Silver paperwork
  • Celebrate J&J's 2nd anniversary.
We will enjoy every minute!


SandyQuilts said...

When you get ready to remove the paper ... sprits it with water, wait a minute and it'll come away like hot butter. This will also prevent you from pulling stitches out. I LOVE IT.

Josh Tombs said...

Hey Mrs. Craig,
We needed to make blog accounts for one of the classes I'm in so Julia told me to drop a comment. I'm glad that we are J&J instead of J& boyfriend. (Insert Smile) See you tonight.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Wonderful mini Geese in the Forrest!