Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Broken Needles

Julia is the only one doing any sewing around here lately. She needs another 18 hours to meet the requirement for her Silver Award. She's making progress and sewing just about every day.

She has been free-motion machine quilting this week. The machine has been humming! She was quite pleased with herself yesterday when she ran into her finger for the first time. Just scraped the skin, so no blood on the quilt. That was the first needle she broke. Then another broken needle when she ran into a safety pin. I heard the clunk and then the question, "Mom, are needles expensive?" Have you ever seen such a thing?

Since she's quilting on my Bernina, I might set up her Janome today to do some piecing. I've got deadlines, too!

I'm so annoyed with these point and shoot digital cameras. I am sooo ready for a digital SLR. The first photo above was taken with Julia's Nikon coolpix which is not even a year old. The exposure stinks and the lens refuses to focus in macro mode. Ugh! The second photo was taken with Pete's new Nikon coolpix, and it looks like they improved the exposure quality and his macro actually works. Christmas is coming! (and birthday and anniversary)

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Jackie said...

Go, Julia!! No more broken needles though. Good luck on the camera.