Sunday, May 3, 2009

UFO's & 9-patches

I did some straightening and cleaning in my sewing room this weekend. Can I even call it that anymore? I never sew down there. It has really become a storage area. Anyway... I found no fewer than 27 (TWENTY-SEVEN!) unfinished projects! I'm a little overwhelmed.

This cleaning all started because my niece is looking to unload my mother's sewing machine cabinet. With a new baby, a toddler, and new dining room furniture, she doesn't have the space for something she doesn't use. So where will I put it? I can't let it go home with a stranger from a consignment shop.

I tidied up the fabric shelves first. (Yes, I know they should be painted. That might be a summer project for a kid who needs cash.) I restacked, removed old fabrics I'll never use, and moved fat quarters and smaller pieces. Next I'll need to figure out how to store them. I'll read through Bonnie's scrap system again and start cutting. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I'm so happy that I signed up soon enough to be part of the twiddletails three by three swap. I might have been one of the last ones to get in. There is so much 9-patchy goodness going on! Have you see this tutorial? It's brilliant!! I made these 2 in about 5 minutes. I think when I start chopping up scraps, I'll make a pile of 4.5" squares.

Pete at bat. His team is not off to a good start, but it's early. He's not thrilled with me crocheting during sporting events. He'll get over it.

Julia went to Hershey, PA with the high school band for a music festival on Friday night. They spent Saturday at Hershey Park and on the way home today, they stopped in NYC to see a show. She sent a couple of texts, so I know she's safe and having fun. I can't wait to have her back home, especially because she's bringing chocolate!

Pete's band is done rehearsing, so it's safe for me to return to the basement. Have a great week!

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Unknown said...

Cleaning and organizing is such a task, but when it is complete you will feel so much better. Love Hershey and I would be anxious for chocolate too!