Friday, May 15, 2009

Moving On

I shipped a pin order to Kedar Quilts yesterday. I always second-guess my color choices for some of them, but they look pretty good as a group. The monkey wrench/churn dash is a new design for me and I really like it. I wonder if there is a difference between monkey wrench and churn dash, or are they the same block?

Last night marked my last Girl Scout leader meeting as Service Unit Manager, a volunteer position I have held for 4 years. A new-ish leader told me that she assumed I was a paid employee. I've been paid by the smiles on the girls' faces at our community events. Hee hee. Did I just say that with a straight face?! Yes, I do love the girls and it has been a joy to meet hundreds of Girl Scouts and work with scores of dedicated volunteers.

Our Service Team is awesome! Don't they look happy (that the year is almost over)? Since they all ROSE to the challenge of volunteering beyond their own troops, I decided to make them rose pens.

Julia helped me make them, of course, beacause she is the most incredible daughter and Girl Scout, ever! I presented Julia with a little gift last night, but couldn't make my speech because I started to cry. It's not easy being a leader's daughter, and being the SUM's daughter is 10 times harder. She is so great with the younger girls and always willing to help. I wish I had taken a picture of her surrounded by Daisies and Brownies. Too cute.

The pens are so easy to make. Let's see if I can find a tutorial...
Here's one. (I glue first, then wrap)
Ooooh, but go look what Arlette made!

I can't find a tutorial that shows exactly the way we do it, so maybe we'll write our own. They make really inexpensive, fun gifts for teachers, girl friends, grandmothers...

Well, it's time to move on.
To another quilting project (BOM's and swaps)
To another craft project (crocheted earrings)
To another Girl Scout challenge (Savannah!)


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Sew Many Ways... said...

Love this new set of pins. The churn dash and the monkey wrench are the same, but a monkey wrench can also be a snail's trail...crazy I know! Congratulations on a great job with the Girls Scouts...the pens are beautiful.