Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mid-Week Musings

I've been finishing up a batch of pins to send to Kedar Quilts in Maine. If you find yourself in western Maine this summer, stop in and see Margaret. I love the pile of bits and pieces that accumulates next to my machine when I paper-piece.

We've been to a few ball games already this week. On Monday night, Julia and Pete played at the same time, at the same park, on adjacent fields. Sitting on the bleachers at the baseball field, all I needed to do was spin around to see the softball field.

Josh was sweet to keep me company at the games. We had a nice conversation about baseball, my Girl Scouts, school and summer. He went over to the other field to take a few pictures for me. He told Julia she was "lighting fast" running to 1st base. See the maroon blur?
There has been an osprey nest on the light pole at this field for several years. We'll try to get some shots of the birds as the season progresses. They are really fun to watch after the chicks hatch and the parents start bringing fish to the nest.

In other birding news, the Orioles have come home for the summer. I saw a catbird in the yard last week, so I knew the Orioles would soon follow. We saw the male fly by on Mother's Day, so we put out the orange and were soon rewarded with this beautiful site.

So, I found out that Josh reads my blog in computer class with Julia's friend from the swim team. Hi, Josh & Emiko! They find it amusing that I call Josh "the boyfriend." I won't do that anymore. He's a really good kid and we enjoy having him around. I love this picture of Julia & Josh that was taken in Hershey before the music festival. It's the closest they'll get to a prom picture for a couple of years.

I'm off to finish the pins for Margaret and get them in the mail today. Have a great day!

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