Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post 66

66 is a cool number and the year I was born. I feel like I should be doing something fun for this post, but I got nothin'. A tutorial? A giveaway? Maybe the rain will inspire me. Ha!

In anticipation of Mother's Day, Salary.com did their annual calculation of what a mother's work is worth. The median average is $122, 611! Go here to calculate your own salary. I adjusted the hours I spend on various tasks (more time as chauffer and psychologist, less time cooking and cleaning) and my family owes me $146, 879! That camera is looking like a pretty good deal now, isn't it?

Isn't my mother the cutest thing?

Yesterday was busy and kind of fun. I edited the guild newsletter, but it still needs to be folded and mailed. Janet came over to use the die cut machine and learn how to make a boxed corner. It made her so happy to see those neat corners on her sample.

I started to get stressed out, so I made the 9-patches for the three by three swap. They are not due until May 31, but they were a no-brainer. Bill called it "low hanging fruit." I've never heard that expression before. The dark squares look better in person, but I'm not sure I'll send them.

It will be difficult to stay focused on such a gloomy day, so I'm off to make a list.


Jackie said...

Happy 66th post!! Glad you are still here in blogland. Love the picture of the 3 generations. Okay, now I am off to calculate my salary and then to let hubby know.

Khris said...

66 is definately a good year. I share that birthday year with you...hugs Khris