Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quilting Early

This quilt will be a gift at the end of the month and most of the quilting is already done! Not procrastinating? Who, me? Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf.

I used blue thread on the blues- a swirl in the squares and a heart in the triangles. White thread is stippled on the white and cream pieces. I haven't stippled in years. It's OK. I'm thinking with all the curvy quilting in the body of the quilt, I'll try some straight, diagonal lines in the borders.

Pete's goal for the track and field season was to qualify for the state meet. We're really proud of him for making it! Here he is throwing the discus, just a few hours before leaving for the class trip to Washington, DC.

The goldfinches have arrived home for the summer. My sister-in-law in North Carolina is annoyed that she has all these songbirds in her yard in the winter, when they are drab looking. As soon as they start to brighten up, they head north to our house!

It's suddenly warm and sunny. It looks like a beach day!

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Jackie said...

The quilt is gorgeous! I didn't know that the discus was still part of HS track and field, good for him! The Gold Finch is just lovely. A beautiful bird!