Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, Monday

I made 8 more nine-patches this morning for the Three by Three swap. I wasn't crazy about the other ones I made, so I dug out some more Mark Lipinski fabric. I like these better, so I'll get them in the mail today.

The other swap I'm participating in is a postcard exchange through Carol Doak's Yahoo group. Here's the first postcard I received from Sharon. It came through the mail beautifully! I'd better get moving on the 3 I need to make! So do you want to know what a small quilting world this is? I've driven past Sharon's street several times on my way to my cousin's church in rural NY state. We'll be going there in June for Anna's baptism, so I might just deliver Sharon's postcard!

A couple of my quilts came home this week, which was odd. First, the Washington raffle quilt was returned because they canceled the raffle. I have no idea what to do with it now. The label is pieced into the back!

Then, I got a call from the wellness center I attended several years ago. From 2001 to 2003, I lost 51.5 pounds with their help, so I made them a quilt called Healthy Hearts. There are 51 and a half (I thought the half was clever) paper-pieced hearts made with 52 different purple fabrics. The center is remodeling and going with a new color scheme, so they called to ask if I wanted the quilt back. I have a miniature version that I had kept for myself, but I was happy that they offered me the big one. It's a little faded, but not in bad shape. It took me 6 years, but I was able to find all 51 pounds! It would be good to be healthy again. I need a new plan.

I noticed in my last post that I included pictures of Josh and Rob, but none of my own kids. Here's what they did last weekend.

Julia played trumpet in a jazz concert at the Elks Lodge. It was a lovely evening and I'm so proud of her for sticking with the jazz band. They played my favorite song, Fly Me to the Moon. We decided she needs a box to stand on so she can wear flats and be as tall as the other trumpters.

Pete went camping in Connecticut with his Boy Scout troop. This is his Stewie Griffin impression from Family Guy. What can I say- he's a goof. They had a bonfire competition with the Girl Scouts in the camp site across the street. Not surprisingly, the boys won. We'd kick their butts in campfire cooking! They topped off their structure with a Yankee cap they found in the woods. They like fire. (One of the girls called Pete last night. hee, hee)

Have a wonderful week,

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