Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I'm seeing RED this week!

For the Love of Solids Swap shipped Thursday to Michelle. Yay! She likes it! Click over to this post to see details of what I sent and received!

Almost Finished: Nonna's Garden. I quilted it yesterday, buried all the threads and rinsed out the blue pen.

Grrr. Several colors ran during the night. Of course the red was the worst. I laid it on a towel to dry and it looked fine before I went to bed. This morning, this...

After a couple of rinses with Oxy clean and a color catcher, it's better, but not perfect. Should I still submit this for judging, knowing I'll get points deducted for the bleeding? Any suggestions for getting the rest of the bleeding dye rinsed out?

In Progress: All the units are done for the RED Interlocking Windmills. I love how this is coming together. It will have a pieced blue border and will be donated to QOV (if the red doesn't run all over!).

1. 4X5 Swap Blocks are done- need to be pressed, trimmed to size and shipped.
2. Meadowsweet Dresden needs to be rinsed to remove quilting pencil marks. Please, God, don't let any of those dyes run!
3. Labels need to be made for the Hexie Runner and Zig Zag Friends before our guild show.
4. I might skip the Block Lotto this month, but I was on a roll!
5. Wedding Ring Star- no progress this week.

No linky box this week. Lee will be back next week.


Linwood & Margaret said...

I love your Nanna's Garden. I especially love the way you quilted it. Could you tell me what you did in the green path? Thank you.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love Nonna's garden, such a pity about the dye run...I'd still enter it as it's such a beauty!

Debbie said...

Your FTLOS is beautiful! And sooo sorry about the red running. It's been so long since I've had that happen, but it'd dreadful! Wish I had a better answer than just another couple of oxy washes. bummer.
Your interlocking windmills are great - I've never seen that pattern!

Melinda said...

Sorry about the bleeding. I am doing an all red and white hexie quilt and it didn't even occur to me to wash beforehand so the closer I get to finished, the more terrified I am that I will have this same problem.