Friday, September 23, 2011

4 X 5 Modern Swap

My 4X5 Modern Quilt Bee blocks are done!
Actually, they've been done for about a week, and just needed to be trimmed to size.

Each member of our hive (#14) listed her fabric color choices. Then we chose a block pattern to make for each other. I chose the block Roads to Rome, because our family traveled to Italy this past summer and we all know that all roads lead to Rome! The fact that it was paper pieced was a bonus.

Now it's time to play "one of these things is not like the others!" I had a hard time with this color combination. I actually made this block twice. The first one was too pastel and looked like a baby quilt. For this one, after all the units were paper pieced, It just didn't look right. So I started turning things around, and this placement was more pleasing to my eye. Did you notice that the pink geese are flying in the opposite direction?

That brings up an interesting point. If the block is called roads TO Rome, why are all the geese flying away from the center? Shouldn't they be flying towards the center?

I had been thinking about taking a swapping break. If I do one more round of this bee, I'll have 12 blocks, which is much more useful than 6. If I do the full year, I'd have 24 blocks! If you want to play in the next round, sign ups start on October 1.


Debbie said...

Your blocks are just beautiful, Toni. I loved 'they were paper pieced which was a plus'. Really? Yikes. They turned out lovely, though. Good question why the geese aren't flying to the center! hmmm. I definitely want to fly to Rome again!

Archie the wonder dog said...

They look great - I don't think I've seen this block before, it's a beauty!