Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Red and White Inspiration

I was so inspired by the Infinite Variety exhibit of red & white quilts, I had to issue a challenge to my guild! It wasn't an official challenge, but I am hoping some other quilters will be inspired to produce something for our guild show in October.

I always view quilts with the eye of a paper-piecer. So when I saw this quilt, I knew it could be paper-pieced and that I could even use Anita Grossman Solomon's technique of not cutting apart the sections. (I can't even tell you how much I love her for writing the book, Make It Simpler!)

Of course, I needed to make mine smaller! Each block is 2" square and the whole quilt measures 10.5" X 14.5". My family has been informed that this is NOT a place mat or a mug rug!

I machine quilted in the ditch, then I did a little bit of hand quilting in the white border.
Can you see the pin holes from the safety pins I used for pin-basting? That bugs me. They are the smaller pins, too. I've been trying to rub them out, but I can still see them. Do you have that problem?

Rather than using a sleeve for hanging, I added triangles to each corner, creating pockets. (Cut 4.5", folded on the diagonal, Line up raw edges in the corners of the quilt, stitch in the seam allowance after the binding is machine stitched on the front.) The label is a folded triangle stitched into the corner, too.

Cut a piece of wooden dowel or bamboo skewer just shorter than the length of the quilt and slip it into the pockets. If you cut 2 pieces, one for the width and one for the length, you have the option of hanging the quilt either horizontally or vertically. You will probably want to smooth the ends of the dowel with some sand paper.

It is now easy to hang the dowel on a single nail or hook.
I need to do some research to locate the name of this pattern.

Anita emailed to tell me the block is called Turkey Giblets. Sure enough, here it is on Quilter's Cache. Thanks, Anita!

Here are a couple more quilts I'd like to try to "reproduce."

I love these pointy points and zig zag border!

Pieced hexagons! Oh my!

Is anyone interested in a tutorial with the paper-piecing pattern? I'll need to figure out how to post a PDF to the blog.


sophie said...

If you wash your wonderful little quilt, the pin holes will disappear.

Peggi said...

Wash it, or you might try simply steaming it with an iron.

Mary Johnson said...

Lovely! The pattern is Hearts and Gizzards

bsktkate said...

I like the contrast of the red and white fabrics. it looks so crisp!