Sunday, April 3, 2011

Block Lotto

I joined the Block Lotto in an attempt to destash!
This month's block is called Modern Clover and was designed by Kate.
Click here for the pattern.

I didn't use a bunch of different greens like most people. I cut one strip of green and had enough squares to make all the leaves. We were allowed to only make 2 matching flowers. I realized my stash consists of mostly medium hues. See how there is not much (if any) contrast between my lights and darks in the flowers? I'm designing a scrap quilt with solid white and black to offset all my mediums!

I'll let you know how the Block Lotto goes. Maybe I'll win!


sophie said...

Welcome to the Block Lotto, Tina. Your blocks look great! I like how everyone is playing with their blocks and thinking about different layout options. I think this little block has a lot of possibilities.

Jackie said...

Love the block and how when it is rearranged it looks so totally different. Great job!