Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naked Bed Challenge

I joined the Naked Bed Challenge today!
Why is it that everyone else has a quilt on their bed except the quiltmaker?!

I have been planning to finish my three by three swap quilt as a bed quilt for Bill and me. This challenge will give me the push (and deadline!) that I need! Two more small borders have been added since I took this photo- one with pieced squares and another solid white. And I've started cutting for a wide piano key border. I'm trying not to repeat fabrics in the border. Fun!

My bed looks so bad, I'm showing it to you in shame. Faded, ugly comforter. yuck. I bought myself the floral pillowcases recently to make me feel a little better.

I think I might need a fresh paint job in here when I get the pretty quilt done. I do all the painting around here and I love it! Pete's room is at the top of the list, so my room will need to wait.

Are you sleeping on a naked bed?


Jenniffier said...

Yes I am thanks for sharing this :)

Glenda said...

Oh you are so right about keeping things for yourself. Out of all the quilts I have made none were for me. I have a plan though for my very own quilt. I'll be "hatching" it soon hopefully.
Nine patch is so pretty and versatile. Fits any decor.
Thanks for sharing.