Monday, April 25, 2011


Success! Last Friday, Julia and I went shopping with my niece Debbie, who was in town visiting. Our first stop was JoAnn's to look for the Denise Schmidt (DS Quilts) collection. There were a few bolts on the shelf, but I spied the rest behind the cutting counter! I chose my favorite dots and geometrics on this trip. I gave the girls some cash and we split up at the register to be able to take advantage of the 3 coupons I had printed!

Next stop: DSW for prom shoes. Now that we have the shoes, I can start hemming the dress (all 3 layers of it!). See how big the bag is? There are two more boxes in there! Julia got a pair of sneakers and I found a pair of sandals that I hope will be comfortable for walking.

I hope you all had a peaceful and joyful Easter!

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