Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm thankful for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at home with my favorite people.

Even though my mother was in the emergency room the next morning after a fall, I'm thankful that nothing is broken. She has an ugly bruise and a back sprain. She will be OK.

I'm thankful that my sister was able to come down and stay with Mom these last two nights. A visiting nurse will be assessing her situation today.

Her friends have already offered her their spare walkers to help her get around! I'm thankful she has friends watching out for her when we aren't there.

I'm thankful for my church family who was so supportive at the church bazaar yesterday. Sales were not great for me, but Pete sold out of his PVC marshmallow shooters again! I'm hoping to do an Etsy shop update later today, in time for Cyber Monday, but that will depend on how Mom is doing.


Stephanie said...

Wishing your mom well.

Nedra said...

I pray all goes well with your Mother and that she heals quickly.

Jackie said...

I hope that your mom is better! Of course, the marshmallow shooters would sell...