Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unsewing and College Tours

OK, girls. When you're right, you're right! Janice, Jackie and Karen all counseled that I should replace that iffy green on the tree skirt setting triangles. I used it, figuring I didn't have time to shop for something better and it would be OK under a Christmas tree. It was not OK.

Last night, when I pulled out the leftover fabric from piecing the top to piece the back, I realized I had some big pieces of dark green! It only took 20 minutes of "unsewing" the yucky green and 30 minutes to sew on the better green.

I should stop calling it yucky. It is a lovely piece of fabric, but it just didn't play nicely with the other greens in the piece. I'm much happier now. Time to quilt!

By the way, does anyone recognize this pattern? My mother made one of these tree skirts in the early 90's, but we can't find the pattern. I'd like to identify the source and give credit to the designer. I'm working off of photos and measurements of the original.


I did not get to sew over the weekend because I was with my awesome Girl Scout troop! Most of them are juniors in high school and they decided they wanted to go on some college tours together. So on Saturday, we went to a Junior Preview Day at Bryant University. It was incredibly informative and we felt welcome and comfortable there. Unfortunately, they don't offer the programs my girls are interested in.

We spent the night at a nearby Girl Scout camp. We arrived early enough to go on a hike. We're getting lazy in our old age. We ordered Chinese food for dinner!

On Sunday morning, we left here...

to go here!
Talk about culture shock!

Salve Regina University is in Newport, RI and occupies a gilded-age mansion and cottages in addition to more modern buildings. The "welcome" from the admissions department took place in the dining room of the mansion (above).

While we enjoyed the tourist aspect of exploring campus, it was not the school for most of my girls. One senior interested in the nursing program will return with her parents to get a better look. Overall, it was a great weekend!

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Janet said...

The green compliments the tree skirt colors nicely. It is a really fun looking tree skirt! Great work!

Glad you had a fun campus tour and camp out! But college already, say it ain't so!!!!!