Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Finish!

The Christmas tree skirt is done with 2 days to spare!
I think it looks really cool on my leverite.
(leverite = slang for a big rock, as in leave-her-right there)

I used a light green thread (Superior So Fine #450) for the machine quilting and bound it in a black Christmas print.

Oooooh. Feathers!
(They are not perfect, so it's a good thing they blend in.)

The back was pieced with leftovers from the front. I was going to piece strips all the way across, but I got bored and threw in some big pieces on the sides. I was planning to cut the slit down that center green stripe, but I forgot and it ended up 45° away.

This is the original made by my mother in the early 90's that I was asked to reproduce. I'm pleased that the pattern is the same with the colors in the same position, but mine has a more modern feel, as it should.

Today is Veterans' Day, which means went to a parade this morning. We crossed a pedestrian bridge over the river to get from the parade route on Main Street to the park where the ceremonies are held. You can see we have just a little bit of Fall color hanging on.

Boy, does it feel good to finish something!


bernie said...

Looks great - the feathers look fab to me! Bernie

Shellie said...

That looks fantastic Tina!! and I'm totally impressed with your quilting - gorgeous!! you'll have to teach me some tricks :)

Rachel said...

Any chance you're willing to share that pattern? I'm a quilter on the hunt for a tree skirt that looks more modern and less old-fashioned. Your skirt is awesome!